PK/PD for Biopharma drug products

PK/PD for Biopharma drug products Photo

Pharmacodynamics is the effect that drugs have on the body; while pharmacokinetics is the examination of the way in which drugs move through the body during absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion. Drugs may undergo Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics and toxicity trial through animal testing. This data permits researchers to allometrically assess a safe initial dose of the drug for clinical trials in humans. In this track primary focus will be on uses in pharmacodynamics interactions, Drug and substance misuse, Drug-drug interactions.

Pharmacokinetics influences arrangement over the route of administration. For drugs to produce their effects they must interact with the body. This can happen in many ways and depends on the properties of the drug. The processes that occur after drug administration can be broken down into four distinct areas (known as ADME):

                              A: Absorption of the drug

                              D: Distribution of the drug molecules

                              M: Metabolism of the parent drug

                              E: Excretion or elimination of the drug and its metabolites

  • Solubility of poorly and high soluble drug
  • Drug Safety and Efficacy
  • Recent Biopharmaceutical Innovations
  • Pharmacokinetics -Dynamic Modelling
  • PK and PD in New Drug Development
  • Drug-Drug Interaction

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