Drug Delivery Systems for Biopharmaceuticals

Drug Delivery Systems for Biopharmaceuticals Photo

Drug delivery systems are organized technologies for the addressed distribution and/or controlled release of therapeutic agents. Drug delivery systems manages the rate at which a drug is produced and the place in the body where it is affected.  Some systems can control both. Drug Delivery shows an important role in the future of pharmaceutical research Novel drug delivery system method. Increasing of dissolution rate of meagrely soluble drugs can be increased by dissolving them in liquid hydrophilic vehicles followed by soaking on highly porous materials. The important part is to deliver an innovative research on the new Targeted drug delivery is a type of delivering medication to a patient in such a manner that enhances the concentration of the medication in some parts of the body relative to others. 

  • Control release drug delivery system
  • Advancements in oral drug delivery
  • Transdermal drug delivery system
  • Targeted drug delivery

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