Biopharmaceutics Drug Discovery & Development

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Biopharmaceutics studies about the physical and chemical properties of a drug, and its dosage form, as related to the onset, duration, and intensity of drug action, including constituents and mode of manufacture.  Drug discovery implicate the use of high throughput screening techniques to analyse new compounds, both synthetic and natural, as novel drugs. Regrettably, this approach has yielded very little achievement in the field of anti-infective drug discovery. The identification of both molecular targets that are essential for the survival of the pathogen, and compounds that are active on intact cells, is a challenging task. Even more formidable, however, is the fulfilment for appropriate potency levels and suitable pharmacokinetics, in order to achieve efficacy in small animal disease models.

  • Pharmacogenetics in Drug Discovery and Development
  • Synthesis and Development Techniques in Drug Discovery
  • Innovative Strategies to Develop Drug Discovery

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